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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

At editing stage!

I am currently editing my new novel. Woo hoo...

I have decided to break it up into several novels, since I am already at over 70,000 words and I have not even reached half-way in the story-line.

As I read, I love it more... what the future hold for this collection only time will tell!

Here is another excerpt for you to enjoy. 

Emma, my great, great, grandmother has just been employed as a governess and her future hangs in the balance.

"Emma clutched her tiny bag. Her only possessions until she managed to get some of her things forwarded. She noticed a nightgown and a few other essentials on top of a wooden chair in the corner of the room. A bible sat on a small chest of drawers, and a bed sparsely covered with a white sheet and beige blanket took up most of the room.

She made her way over to a tiny window that overlooked the back of the house and wiped it slightly with her hand to remove the condensation. A chill ran through her bones as she did. This was home now. It was time to make the most of it."